A Toy for the Tactical Pipe Smoker

I don’t know of any guy that doesn’t like his gadgets and toys. I have a bit of a affinity for the tactical things myself. Gear bags, flashlights, knives things of that nature. I came across the Exotac Match Cap. This little gem is a titanium waterproof tube for carrying matches. It has two striking surfaces. One red-phosphorus striker that is on the inside covered by the cap and one strike any where surface on the bottom. Both of these surfaces are replaceable and it comes with a replacement for each. Being made out of titanium this thing is very light weight and durable. You have 3 colors to choose from, orange, grey, and black. It holds quite a few matches. For only $25 you can’t beat it. Perfect for the tactical pipe smoker. Go check out Exotac and see it for yourself. What do you carry your matches in?? Leave a comment. Have a great day.
Exotac Matchcap


A Toy for the Tactical Pipe Smoker — 5 Comments

  1. Sadly ” Zippo Liquid Fuel ” lighters are NOT vapor tight , thus these enigmatic old school igniters may not function when relied upon . A similar type called a ” Peanut ” has a vapor proof rubber seal that is reliable tho .

    • Very true but I have found that the Zippos from the 1950’s hold their seal a lot better. Not sure why. I guess they were just built a little better then.

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