Adventures in Pipe Making

So I had been working feverishly painting and moving things around all day long. The plan was to take a short break and continue on. When my break was over I went back in to start back up and found my wife and daughter fast asleep. I couldn’t very well start making a lot of noise and wake them up but I also was pumped full of energy. So what was I to do. I went back to the shop and there it was. Staring at me saying “make me, make me”. I’ve had these two blocks of briar since Christmas. My wonderful wife hooked me up with tons of pipe swag this past year. So I snatched up a block, put in the vice, and proceeded to file down the edges. I quickly realized that this would take forever. I then took a hold of the dremel and started to sand away. After four hours (that flew by) I had something that closely resembled a pipe. I continued sanding and shaping and was very happy with what came out. I wanted to put my special touch on it so I carved a four leaf clover in it. Which was a whole new experience. I now have a whole new respect for Sparkyspipes. That briar is hard!!! I then stained it green, sanded, stained again, then sanded some more. I am very happy with the end result. This is my first pipe I have made and will be a great birthday gift for one of my best friends. Take care and have a great day!!!!!


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