Indie Tamper Spotlights

Today’s Indie tamper carver is hobbypipes. He is making some exceptional pipe tampers and snuff spoons. He will even make a combo tamper/snuff spoon for you. He is a great guy. So go check out Hobbypipes NOW!!!!!

Hobbypipes on YouTube
Hobbypipes on Istagram

Today’s indie tamper carver is GAbriarman. He is putting out some very interesting and unique pipe tampers. Some of his newest ones are captured ring tampers. They are very cool. Go check out GAbriarman today.

GAbriarman on YouTube
GAbriarman Site

Today’s indie tamper carver is Briarboy. He is making some awesome tampers and snuff spoons. He has some available in a wide variety of different styles and woods. He recently began working with acrylics. Check out the “Yellow Jacket” tamper. Soooo cool. Go check out Briarboy TODAY!!!!!

BriarBoy Shop
BriarBoy on YouTube
BriarBoy on Instagram

Today’s Indie tamper carver is CelticRoad. Marcus is making some awesome tampers. His tampers are 100% hand carved. His rustic look has its own unique flare to it. He calls them the working mans tampers. He’s only been at it a couple months now and is showing some outstanding progress. Go check him out TODAY!!!!!
Celtic Rustic Tampers – ETSY
CelticRoad on YouTube
CelticRoad on Instagram


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