My Little Lolita

If you’ve seen any of my Youtube videos you most likely have seen my Savenelli Lolita pipe. I call it my little Lolita. This pipe is a great pipe for the on the go pipe smoker. I find myself smoking this one the most because it is so small and compact it fits right in my pocket. This pipe is usually in my pocket ready to go at a moments notice. You never know when you might have that perfect moment to sit back and enjoy a pipe. Waiting at the maintenance shop for your car? Lolita is ready to go. Long line at your favorite restaurant on a Friday night? Lolita is waiting. I can’t say enough good things about this little pipe. It’s a home run for the busy pipe smoker. My Lolita is in my pocket right now ready and waiting. Do you have a on the go pipe?? Leave a comment. Have a great day.
Savenelli Lolita @ P&C


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