My White Whale

I have been in pursuit of this white whale off and on for some time now. I wait for it to show up and in the blink of an eye poof it’s gone. What whale are you talking about you say??? It is the elusive Jake Hackert. If you don’t know who Jake Hackert is just type his name into YouTube and you will see. Jake makes beautiful short stubby style pipes that I just love. The short stubby nose warmer style is one of my favorites. Jake’s pipes are so popular that as soon as he puts them up on eBay they are gone in a flash. I have not had the privilege to hold or smoke one of these pipes yet but I will. Oh Yes I will one day. Every time I see a picture on Instagram or watch a video of one on YouTube I start to drool just a little. You will see his pipes reselling on eBay for two or three times what he charges and still they are snatched up like a fat kid that dropped his skittles. So on goes my hunt for the elusive white whale called Hackert. I will get you on day.

Do you have a “white whale”? A pipe that is just a little too expensive or a model they just don’t make any more? Leave a comment. I would love to hear about it.

As always fellow pipers…..Have a GREAT Day!!!!!!!!

Jake Hackert’s eBay store



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