My White Whale

I have been in pursuit of this white whale off and on for some time now. I wait for it to show up and in the blink of an eye poof it’s gone. What whale are you talking about you say??? It is the elusive Jake Hackert. If you don’t know who Jake Hackert is just type his name into YouTube and you will see. Jake makes beautiful short stubby style pipes that I just love. The short stubby nose warmer style is one of my favorites. Jake’s pipes are so popular that as soon as he puts them up on eBay they are gone in a flash. I have not had the privilege to hold or smoke one of these pipes yet but I will. Oh Yes I will one day. Every time I see a picture on Instagram or watch a video of one on YouTube I start to drool just a little. You will see his pipes reselling on eBay for two or three times what he charges and still they are snatched up like a fat kid that dropped his skittles. So on goes my hunt for the elusive white whale called Hackert. I will get you on day.

Do you have a “white whale”? A pipe that is just a little too expensive or a model they just don’t make any more? Leave a comment. I would love to hear about it.

As always fellow pipers…..Have a GREAT Day!!!!!!!!

Jake Hackert’s eBay store



Indie Tamper Carver Spotlight: CelticRoad

Today’s Indie tamper carver is CelticRoad. Marcus is making some awesome tampers. His tampers are 100% hand carved. His rustic look has its own unique flare to it. Like a working man’s tamper. He’s only been at it a couple months now and is showing some outstanding progress. Go check him out TODAY!!!!!
Celtic Rustic Tampers – ETSY
CelticRoad on YouTube
CelticRoad on Instagram


Growing Tobacco

I have been gardening for the past four years. I have grown all the normal things, tomatoes, peppers, and various spices. Every year I like to try and add one thing that is out of the ordinary. Last year was a lot of medicinal herbs. The year before that was goji berries. The year before that was hops. This year I have planted four different varieties of tobacco. I picked up the seeds from Did you know that one gram of tobacco seeds contains roughly 10,000 to 13,000 seeds, and each tobacco plant can produce 12 to 15 grams of seed. That’s a lot of seeds. Tobacco seeds are very tiny. Instead of starting the plants indoors I decided to sow the seeds directly into the ground. The risk of doing this is that the wind might blow those tiny little seeds away. So far there is one variety that has already sprouted. The plan is to continue to watch which one grabs hold the best and start to grow more of that one. If I can get just one plant to make it I should have enough seed to get a very decent crop next year. I will keep you guys updated on the progress. Have any of you ever grown your own tobacco??? I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment. Have a great day.


Delta Mojo

I received a sample from the guys over at Big Star Cigar of their first blend of the new music serious named Delta Mojo. I love this blend. They did a fantastic job. I’m not much of a tobacco reviewer so I have included some videos of other people’s reviews. Go over to or give ‘ol Poppa P a call at (615)-288-4084 and pick up some Delta Mojo. You won’t be disappointed. Have you already tried it??? Leave a comment. Have a great day.

Big Star Cigar

mknchng review

C. A. P. S. meets Delta Mojo

Nicotine, Beneficial Who Knew


I was listening to the Pipesmagazine radio show episode 37 from last week and they had Dr. Fred Hanna on. He told a story of meeting one of the top scientists in charge of studying nicotine and its affects on the human brain. This interview was amazing!!! Did you know that nicotine has medicinal properties??? It is definitely worth taking time to go to and take a listen. While you’re at it check out this video that Nathan Campbell did on the same subject.

He did a wonderful job on it. He has a ton of great links here so you can go check out all the research yourself. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Leave a comment. As always Have a Great Day!!!!

Global Pipe Club

I would like to bring your attention to a tremendous opportunity for all you pipe smokers out there. Mike Lancaster of Tobacco Pipe Collectors has released his Global Pipe Club. This is a great chance to get tons of discounts from several great pipe makers and retailers. The vendor list is growing each day. Memberships are now available at The price for a membership is ridiculously low. So go sign up and get yours TODAY and be a part of the biggest pipe club on the planet. A huge thank you to Mike for putting this together.

My Little Lolita

If you’ve seen any of my Youtube videos you most likely have seen my Savenelli Lolita pipe. I call it my little Lolita. This pipe is a great pipe for the on the go pipe smoker. I find myself smoking this one the most because it is so small and compact it fits right in my pocket. This pipe is usually in my pocket ready to go at a moments notice. You never know when you might have that perfect moment to sit back and enjoy a pipe. Waiting at the maintenance shop for your car? Lolita is ready to go. Long line at your favorite restaurant on a Friday night? Lolita is waiting. I can’t say enough good things about this little pipe. It’s a home run for the busy pipe smoker. My Lolita is in my pocket right now ready and waiting. Do you have a on the go pipe?? Leave a comment. Have a great day.
Savenelli Lolita @ P&C