The Story of my first pipe

I just thought I would share the story of my first pipe and why I put it down for a while. I was just out of high school and had been smoking cigars for a while and decided that I wanted to try something different. So I went down to the local tobacconist and started asking questions about pipes. The tobacconist at this particular store did not care for the younger smokers at all. He was in a very grumpy mood. After about ten or fifteen minutes of talking to him and him not really helping me at all I decided to go to the big basket of pipes on the counter. I rummaged through and finally found a nice bent no name pipe I really liked. I also purchased a local aromatic blend. It was cherry or vanilla. I smoked that pipe everyday. I really enjoyed it. Then one day I came home ready to load a bowl and relax only to find that my pipe was missing. My roommate had found my pipe and smoked something other than tobacco in(if you catch my drift). After that I had to throw that pipe out. I was a young kid living on my own with not much money to spend. At that time I had no clue about corn cobs. So I put the pipe down for a long time and kinda forgot about it until about 8 months ago or so. Then I found the YouTube pipe community and it sparked that inner feeling that brought me to the pipe in the first place. Since then I have learned so much about all the different kinds of tobaccos and flavors each one can bring. Now i own lots of different styles of pipes and have a wide variety of tobaccos. I now enjoy a pipe everyday once again and I hope you do as well. Radio Show


During the interview with Kevin Godbee I mentioned in my last post Kevin had mentioned the pipesmagazine radio show. I downloaded all the past episodes and started at number 1. I am currently at number 5 and I am loving it!!!! Brian Levine (the host) is extremely funny and captivating. He has a wide variety of great topics and terrific music to boot. I cant wait to make it all the way through the past episodes and get all caught up. Go check this show out. The live shows are on Thursdays and shortly after that they are available for download on iTunes. interview with Kevin Godbee of

I just recently had some time to catch up on some podcasts when I came across the latest from Olie at He did a fantastic interview with Kevin Godbee founder of PipesMagazine is a online magazine that is very fun and entertaining. You should definitely go check out the interview over at Podcast

Indie Tamper Carver Spotlight: BriarBoy

Today’s indie tamper carver is Briarboy. He is making some awesome tampers and snuff spoons. He has some available in a wide variety of different styles and woods. He recently began working with acrylics. Check out the “Yellow Jacket” tamper. Soooo cool. Go check out Briarboy TODAY!!!!!

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My Carving Story

I started carving right after hurricane Ike. We were without power for 14 days so I had to find something to keep me occupied. I would carve fish, shamrocks, and hearts. My grandfather was a avid wood worker. I can remember him making me rubber band guns and yo-yos when I was just a youngster. He was always cutting pieces of wood and making beautiful things out of it. He made shelves, stools, and things like that. I was working on a Texas Star for him just before he passed away. After his passing I put it down for a couple of years. I have now finished it and it is in my shop. The mustache men came from me wanting to carve something a little more detailed. At the same time I was just getting back into pipe smoking and found that the faces I was carving fit perfectly into my pipe as a tamper. After talking to my dad and showing him some of my work he said that I have the talent of my grandfather but with a lot more creativity. I really enjoy carving because it is a way for me to relax and still feel somewhat connected to my PaPa. 20130311-081026.jpg