The Ghost of the Mustache Man

I was carving a mustache man the other day and all was going well when all of a sudden the nose popped right off his face. I’ve had little things go wrong before but I am usually able to fix it. But how do you fix the entire nose coming off?? I was very frustrated and starting to get mad at the situation when I decided to sit back and take a break. When I came back to take a second look it hit me. What was left of this noiseless mustache man looked kinda like a skull. So this particular piece will be known as The Ghost Of the Mustache Man. I’m not sure I can ever replicate this piece again. The pith of the wood was in just the right spot to create this look. Let me know what you think. Lemonade out of lemons or just weird??? Have a great day.


The Ghost of the Mustache Man — 2 Comments

  1. First of all I got to say that your carving work is amazing! and the tampers that you did are cool. This one turned out great, and you must try to replicate it,it is unique.

    All the Best

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