The Work Has Begun

We have moved from the planning phase of the remodel to the working phase. I have spent the last two day ripping up flooring and painting. We have contractors coming in this week. I want to thank all of my friends and family for going out of their way to help out. I big thanks to Kyle – Ghostlysmoker for taking five hours out of his day off to help rip out the tile from hell. This tile was put in almost 20 years ago and had a epoxy that was stronger than anything I have seen before. My friend Justin came to help with the painting. This is his fourth time helping my family with house stuff. He is a true friend and one hell of a good guy. I also want to thank all of you for the great comments and mojo sent my way. I already have plans for when this whole thing is over with. I am going to sit back and enjoy a Black Market Filthy Hooligan St. Patricks day cigar. Gifted to me by Kyle – Ghostlysmoker. Until next time. Take care and Have A Great Day!!!!
Kyle made a hilarious video poking fun at me.

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