Think like a Samurai

I’ve been training some new guys at my job this week and some things came to mind that I thought I would share. My training techniques are a bit out of the ordinary and many people question them. It’s been that way my whole life. I think in very different ways than most. My mind seems to flow in a unconventional way. I am very quick to adapt to changes and overcome the challenge. My life philosophy has been Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. I’ve seen many people hit a roadblock when challenges arise. The plan didn’t go just right and they freeze. I’m not completely sure why this happens but it does. The mind can’t seem to process a problem quickly unless it already has been through it before. I try to see every outcome that could happen before I even start a project. It’s a old Samurai fighting technique. The Samurai would sit and envision the battle before hand and see every move that his opponent would make in his mind. That way when the battle occurred the Samurai has already seen himself fighting and winning. This subject really has nothing to do with pipe smoking except that I often smoke my pipe while using this technique. It’s a great way to free up the mind so you can tackle a challenge and know that you will defeat it. My mind has adapted this technique to be able to do this “on the fly” and the more you practice it the faster you can see all the scenarios unfold before you so you can reach the end game. Using this technique makes challenges exciting and less stressful.
Hopefully I have left you with something to ponder over this weekend.
So are you a Samurai??? Do you use this technique??? Has it paid off??? Leave a comment below.
As always, Have a Great Day!!!!!


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