Why are there so fewer Pipe Smokers these days????

Not so long ago pipe smoking was the norm. Now days it is a rare occurrence to see people smoking their pipes in public. Why is this? I’m sure that the uptick in the NO SMOKING propaganda hasn’t helped much but I have a different thought. Could it be that pipe smoking is meant as a way to relax, be still and let your mind wonder and flow free? Our world now days moves so fast. Not many people have the time it takes to really enjoy their pipe. Studies have been done that show that on average pipe smokers actually live longer than non pipe smokers. The stress of everyday life can really take it’s toll on the human body. I encourage all of you to take time to stop, sit still, and enjoy your pipe. Really take the time to let your mind wonder. Decompress from all the stress in our everyday lives. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Why do you think there are so fewer pipe smokers these days???
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Why are there so fewer Pipe Smokers these days???? — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve often thought about this being in the UK, even us younger pipe smokers over are looked at and occasionally ridiculed for choosing to smoke a pipe, eventually we get to the stage of not caring although I get less ridiculed than Bibbsey does being a female pipe smoker but the desire to sit outside a nice coffee shop and have a bowl leaves a very happy, relaxed and chilled burning bowl crew regardless of the looks we get,

    • I too have learned to just ignore the strange looks. Another thing I often get is the question “Are you smoking weed”. Thanks for your comment.

  2. with regards to smoking in public , it took me a while to have the courage to do it since it is unusual to see someone smoking a pipe where I live. So i get some weird looks which i just ignore.

    But for pipe smoking in general I think because it is often linked to old people. Just recently this thought started to change among the public with the help of some movies such as Sherlock Holmes.

  3. I get disappointed when I’m smoking my pipe in public and someone doesn’t approach me about it. The reason? I think if people understood the hobby better (I have yet to find someone who knows that pipe smoke is generally not inhaled…not one), then the numbers would be up, or at the very least attitude towards it would be better and acceptance and distinguishment from cigarette smoking, viewed mostly in a negative light, would occur.
    What we have going for us is history and clout, so we should strive to live up to that expectation, but we could certainly update some of the less positive aspects.

    • I totally agree. I also find that if I try to explain to people that pipe smoking is different than cigarettes I am immediately shut down and they don’t want to hear it. Thanks for the comment Jeff.

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